About us

Since 1980 we have been active in the field of plastics, therefore we are glad to put our experience at your disposal to help you solve technical-commercial problems that may occur within the use of our products.

* Chemical
* Galvanic
* Depuration
* Mechanical
* Industrial Protecions (Panels)
* Food
* Swimming Pools
* Furniture

These are only few of the several fields we are daily active in. We provide semifinished products, such as rounds, sheets and pipes, as well as finished products developed with CNC and Cad/Cam software according to the customer’s project.
At our warehouse you can find self-extinguishing non-toxic materials, which are suitable for the contact with food, for high temperatures up to 500°C (932°F) and for low temperatures down to -200°C (-328°F). You can also find transparent, opalescent, polished and antistatic products, as well as products with low coefficient of friction, etc.
We believe that is it critical to establish direct contact between the customer and the supplier when it comes to technical difficulties, and since we are well aware that there are so many different application areas, please feel free to contact us at anytime for any questions.